About Sign Connection

At Sign Connection we pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company willing to tackle nearly any project that comes our way.  Everything we do is designed to help you make the best impression possible. And we’ve thought of every imaginable way to do it. We use premium materials, state-of-the-art technologies, and a host of imaginative ideas to create the kind of image you’ll be proud to display.  To learn more about the many services we offer, please contact one of our representatives.

Here at Sign Connection we take great pride in giving you, the customer, a complete and satisfactory selling experience. Our Product Management team can take you from conception and idea to building the sign you imagined.  This begins at the selling and survey stage. So that we will provide you with the signage you prefer, a  member of our team will meet you on location to take photos and discuss details about what we can offer, possible restrictions, and any other services you may require. This information will be passed onto both the Design and Permitting Departments where our skilled designers will provide you the proposals for your signage. Once approved, our Permitting Department will obtain the permits needed to build your signage.  All of these processes are only small examples of the complete sign experience we provide you at Sign Connection. Our years of experience and dedication to our industry set us above the competition.

“I understand that a company is only as good as the people that make it up. Thankfully I have been blessed with some of the most dedicated and talented people in the sign industry. Please contact us today and find out what drives Sign Connection!”  Owner, Chip Craig

Our Team

Chip Craig

President / Owner


Brenda Craig

Chief Financial Officer


Matt Elkin

Sales Supervisor


Wil Craig

Sales Associate


Jerry Strickland

Installation Supervisor


Edie Hancock

Sales Associate


Dana Jackson

Project Management / Permitting & Administration


Tony Latham

Fabrication Supervisor


Eric Hellstrand

Art Director